Shanklin Hall is a social club centered at the intersection of community, creativity, and wellness. Inspired by the rich history of Washington DC and its people, we provide a home for collective elevation and cultural development.


The founders of Shanklin Hall are passionate about creating safe spaces for like-minded individuals to bring their full selves without the worry of judgment or dismissiveness. The environments we foster allow for organic growth and development, as well as an opportunity to extend support to others.


We believe every individual is creative — whether artistically, professionally or amongst friends and family, we all have unique talents to share. As an establishment built on the principles of fellowship and collaboration, it is important that we help unlock those gifts to motivate connection and mutual understanding.


We are committed to the notion that the health and wellness of our minds, bodies, and spirits are essential. Our Shanklin Hall community is our primary concern, and therefore we feel obligated to help ensure that our people are well taken care of. No matter if it’s through the food we offer, the programming we provide, or our kind-hearted service, we’ve got your back.